IMG 6125On Saturday, February 14, the Pyramid was visited by Georgy and Lyudmila Grechko with the film crew of 1-st Channel. Georgy Mikhailovich's interest is all the anomalous and, especially, riddles of antiquity. He visited the pyramids, Tunguska - the most interesting corners of the planet, where you could touch the mystery and seeing everything with your own eyes. The pyramid under St.Petersburg has long attracted his attention and now, as part of the shooting of the film, Georgy Mikhailovich decided to spend a filming day next to the St. Petersburg pyramid.

Despite the fact that the construction is not yet completed, we decided to show Georgiy Mikhailovich and Lyudmila Kirillovna some properties of the pyramid. To do this, a few hours before they entered it, an acoustic system was installed in the central chamber, reproducing specially selected Buddhist mantras (OM and OM KI), the main tonality of which is related to the Earth's own frequency. During the sound of mantras, the monolithic body of the pyramid begins to resonate (sing). Oscillations occurring in a wide range lead to the fact that quartz, which is part of concrete, generates throughout the sound piezoelectric waves interacting with the energy flow of the Earth and, as a result, deeply affecting the human body and energy system. The effect is strong and impressive. In the final phase, a blow was made on bronze bell installed in the central chamber of the pyramid. Bell ringing restores disturbances of biological rhythms of cells of the human body. There are many facts of the curative influence of bell ringing. So in the pyramid a number of research works will be carried out to study the phenomenon of the bell.

Coming out of the pyramid, Georgy Mikhailovich shared his impressions with the crew of Channel 1. Then the exchange of impressions and plans continued in the house of Boris Kiselev, located next to the pyramid.

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