Exposing the goods in the pyramid

Keeping and processing the goods in the pyramid gives them special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism

What is the benefit of the quartz crystals that have been exposed in the pyramid?

Pyramid influence, which concentrates the energy flows of the Earth, makes it possible to affect the crystals and ferromagnetics, contained in the Wands of Ra as follows:
The quartz crystals, exposed in the pyramid during 12-day cycles, adjust quicker and deeper to the energy system of your body. Also, you get a constant connection with the pyramid at a distance.

The «Wands of Ra» biostimulator

wands of ra
The "Wands of Ra" biostimulator is an effective instrument for preventing a variety of diseases. Recreated according to the canon of the Egyptian priests, they give health and longevity to their owners. Technology of using crystals came to Egypt from early Atlantis. Today, we can fully experience the power and beneficial effects of "Wands of Ra", using these tools in everyday life.

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What is the benefit of oils, cosmetics and medicines that have been exposed in the pyramid?

The influence of the pyramid does not increase the natural properties of natural oils, cosmetics and medicines. It gives them one important advantage: the biorhythms of molecules of water-containing substances change (synchronize with earth's biorhythms) and acquire the ability to act more quickly and deeply on human cells.
Cedar oil
cedar oil

Siberian cedar oil is a unique natural product, its analogs do not exist in nature, its synthesis is impossible. However, the greatest healing power has only cedar oil, pressed on the wooden press. Only in this case in the oil remains a complete natural bioenergetic complex, which has medicinal properties. Such oil is stronger than any other oils in terms of the strength of the therapeutic effect.

Cedar oil from a wooden press contains ALL vitamins in quantities necessary for the body, therefore it is a natural multivitamin. There is no such multivitamin product, which has the same excellent health effect, even among the most famous and expensive brands of vitamins. In addition, cedar oil from a wooden press contains all micro- and macronutrients, all essential amino acids and the most useful fats. It is easily and completely absorbed by the body.

The Vitamin F (a complex of unsaturated fatty acids, including Omega-3,6,9) in cedar oil is 3 times more than in fish oil (about 94.8%). Polyunsaturated acids are involved in the construction and development of cells in our body, regulate fat and cholesterol metabolism, normalize blood circulation, are able to remove toxins, radionuclides, heavy metals from the body.

The Vitamin E in cedar nut oil is 5 times more than in olive oil. This "vitamin of youth" normalizes fat metabolism, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents blood clots, and also slows the aging of cells and protects the body from free radicals, thus preventing the development of cancer, arthritis, etc.

First of all, cedar oil strengthens the immune system of adults and children, launches self-healing processes of the body and at the same time is the supplier of the highest quality and clean building material for new cells.

It has an excellent regulating effect on the nervous and hormonal systems, as a result of which sleep and mood improve, and strength and energy tone are quickly restored.

- Cedar oil improves blood composition, hepatic blood flow, strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
- A great tool for improving the functioning of the digestive tract in adults and children;
- Especially effective in the increased fragility of hair and nails. Protects the skin from aging and wilting;
- Improves lactation in nursing mothers;
It is necessary for pregnant women to properly form the child's brain; It is necessary for children to fully develop. It can be given to infants on the basis of the daily rate: 1 drop - for every month of the child's life.
Application: for preventive purposes, use 1 tsp. In the morning on an empty stomach;
For medicinal purposes - 1 tsp. 3 times a day before meals during the day.

Cedar Oil Since the Wood Press has no contraindications!

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